In the middle of an air conditioning repair scam in Tracy California

Air conditioning repair scams in Tracy are more common than you may expect. Here are some of the most common scams and how to avoid them.

Bait and Switch Pricing on Air Conditioning Repair

We’ve all seen deals on Angie’s List, Groupon, or other deal sites for too good to be true prices. When it comes to bargain basement air conditioning repair prices, there are two possibilities.

The first possibility is that the company offering extremely low air conditioning repair prices is planning on a bait and switch. Usually there will be some fine print that says exactly what the coupon covers, but when you call them they’ll always happen to find some reason that it doesn’t apply to you, or that you’ll need additional work on top of it. Suddenly your $79 ac repair job turned into a $800 repair job, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If a company looks like it has been around for a while but is still offering groupons at prices well below market rates, that’s a warning sign. The only time it makes sense for a service provider is when they’ve hired new technicians before they have the work load to keep them busy, which is just poor business planning. In that case, expect other miscommunication, problems with billing, and other mismanagement.

The second common possibility is that you’re looking at a brand new company that doesn’t already have an established customer base or marketing plan. That means you can expect to get what you pay for: the absolute minimum of technical and business experience. While helping a newer company get a foothold isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your home comfort.

Air conditioning repair is not always an easy job, and it takes years of intensive training to consistently do right. If you’re not willing to pay for experience, chances are good that you won’t get it.

Used Parts for Air Conditioning Repair

Some contractors are happy to install old parts to help lower the cost of your air conditioning repair job. These parts will always cost you in the long run. Replacing broken parts with old parts is a great way to speed up the time until you need another repair. In the meantime it will also lower your system’s efficiency and put unnecessary strain on your other parts.

Whenever possible, make sure that your contractor is using brand new parts, and ideally OEM (or original equipment manufacturer) parts for your ac repair needs. Be sure to check their Yelp reviews, because companies that engage in this kind of scam will often have bad reviews that rant about how quickly their system broke again after the initial repair.

Replacing Air Conditioner Parts Unnecessarily

Air conditioners have a lot of moving parts, so most people don’t question it when they’re told that one of them needs replacement. Unfortunately, it’s easy for shady ac repair companies in Tracy to make up additional problems to create more work for themselves.

This is one of the harder air conditioning repair scams to combat, since it’s not always easy to find another company in Tracy during the peak times of the year. The best way to stay ahead of this scam is by scheduling an ac tune-up in the off season, before you need to rely on your ac system daily. That way, if your ac repair provider insists that you need a new thermostat sensor or evaporative coil, you will have the time to get a second opinion from another company.

Avoid Air Conditioning Repair Scams by Finding An Honest AC Repair Company Before You Need One

If you want to avoid being the victim of an air conditioning repair scam, it takes the time to do your homework and find a great service provider before you need one. Find a company you can call year after year, when you’re not under pressure to make a decision immediately, so you can know you made the right choice. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for references, check contractor licensing and online reviews, and find a quality provider to handle your air conditioning repair in Tracy. It’s a simple investment that won’t cost you anything and could save you headaches, wasted hours, and hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars along the way.