hvac air filter changeThose itchy, watery eyes and sneezes that have enough force to blow you off the couch are clear signs of one thing: allergy season is here again.

For some of you out there, you can grab your OTC allergy medicine and call it a day without worrying too much. But others are walking around with red, swollen eyes and constantly dripping nose. You can avoid the outdoors as much as possible, but what about indoor allergens that can make you just as sick year-round?

The good news is that you can combat those pesky indoor allergens with HVAC technology without going through too much trouble. And we’re going to tell you how right now.

Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Some of the most common indoor allergens can be lessened or eliminated all together by simply changing your air filters every month. You’ll notice we say every month here – and that’s important – you don’t want to wait and change filters every 3 months as recommended if you suffer from allergies.

Remember, all air filters aren’t created equal. You need to invest in air filters that are designed to fight allergens. Don’t worry, we have suggested a few of our favorite air filters for allergies on another post.

Schedule Regular Duct Cleaning and HVAC Maintenance

In addition to changing your air filters every month, you also want to get your HVAC ready for the warm months by having the ducts cleaned each year. You can schedule a cleaning with our team and even include maintenance to make sure your system is ready to keep those allergens out. A properly maintained HVAC unit works much more effectively.

We have a full 20-point AC inspection process that makes sure your entire system is in good working order and is properly cleaned. You can have this service scheduled with us quarterly or annually, so you never have to worry about forgetting it. We also offer on-demand inspections as needed.

Keep HVAC Units Clear

It’s important to keep your outdoor and indoor HVAC units clear of any debris and dust. You’ll also want to remove any items from around the units that could collect dust. Remember, the unit pulls air from around it and conditions it before it enters your home.

If you have items around the units that collect dust, or the units are dusty or dirty, that dust and dirt will make its way into the unit and have to be filtered out. Keep the space around the units clear, clean the units regularly, and sweep and vacuum around indoor units so you’ll be one step closer to combatting indoor allergens.

It’s true, you can fight allergies with your HVAC system. You just have to take the time to keep things cleaned and maintained. We can help you do that without you having to lift a finger or adding more to your never-ending to do list. Give us a call or schedule service here to make sure you’re in fighting-condition for the allergens in your home.