furnace schematic

Now that your furnace has been heating your home for some time, you may have noticed it is behaving oddly.

Most of the time, a furnace will tell you it’s dying before it gives up forever, but you need to know what to look and listen for. If you recognize these signs, you may be able to repair it and save some money. Or, you may avoid the uncomfortable prospect of having to replace a dead furnace in the middle of winter.

Be on the lookout for these signs that your furnace is dying:

1. Odd Noises

Noise is often the first sign that something is seriously wrong with your furnace. Listen for:

  • Grinding noises
  • Bangs when your furnace starts
  • Whistling in the vents

Depending on the source of the noise, you may be able to save your furnace yet. However, if you let the noise go on, chances increase that you’ll need to replace the part that is grinding, whistling, or banging.

2. Wet or Rusted Furnace

When furnaces are malfunctioning, they can leak or create too much condensation. If this problem has been going on for some time, you may find that your furnace has rusted, which can cause all sorts of other problems, including reduced efficiency. A furnace with significant rust will likely need to be replaced, so it’s best to get condensation and leak issues dealt with right away.

3. Cold Home or Cold Spots

If your home has developed a cold spot that always seems to be cooler than the rest of the house, your furnace could be at fault. Old and broken furnaces struggle to disperse heat evenly throughout the whole home.

Your furnace may also be at fault if your whole home feels cooler than normal. It’s possible that your furnace is short-circuiting and turning off before your house reaches your temperature. Or, it may not be communicating with your thermostat properly. There’s always the possibility that your thermostat is broken instead. Whatever the reason, don’t suffer in a cold home.

4. Utility Bill Increases

Be on the lookout for slow rises in utility bills. Once a year, compare your monthly bill to last year’s bill, and the year before that. If you notice the bills are slowly rising, without an increase in rates, your furnace may be slowly losing efficiency and wasting your energy and your money.

This is more likely to happen if your furnace is ten years or older.

Need a Furnace Replacement?

Don’t fret about a furnace replacement. The latest furnaces have such improved efficiency that 96 percent of the fuel they use, or more, is directly translated into heat for your home. Plus, with our financing options, a furnace replacement doesn’t have to be a sudden large bill. In fact, a new furnace may reduce your utility bills.

Learn more about your options for furnace replacement or call today to speak with a specialist. We are proud to offer furnace repair in Turlock, Salida, Manteca, and beyond.