After the 2016 changes to Title 24, Californian commercial, high rise residential buildings, and hotels legally have to use smart thermostats. Why? The energy savings, of course.

While commercial buildings are reaping the benefits, homeowners might still be using old mercury trigger thermostats! What could happen if every homeowner decided to make the change today?

Millions in Energy and Cost Savings

We don’t have to wonder. A report from the California Energy Commission found that if all 7.8 million homes in California switched to a smart thermostat, from Ecobee or otherwise, we would save enough natural gas to generate 15.7 million therms per year.

Just how much is that? The California Energy Commission also broke it down into cost savings. Californians would save a total of 13 million dollars in lowered utility bills, every single year. That is, assuming current residential gas costs stay the same.

Those energy savings are enough for Californians to buy 2.7 million gallons of ice cream, 2.6 million pool noodles, a million bottles of sunscreen, or anything else we need to enjoy the heat!

Further, the report admitted that these savings are “probably conservative,” as those in single family homes tend to use more gas than average. Plus, the report argues that once people learn what smart thermostats can do for them, they may purchase better smart thermostat systems, faster.

What a Smart Thermostat Means for You

What could a smart thermostat do for you? Ecobee finds that their U.S. customers save an average of 23 percent on their cooling and heating costs if they set their home to 72°F (22°C). Smart Asset found that the average monthly utility bill for a Californian is $91.26 per month. If that sounds like your average bill, you could save $251.87 per year by switching to an Ecobee smart thermostat. 

Smart Asset’s calculations assume a utility rate of 16.25 cents per kWh, so if you pay more, you may have a higher than average energy bill. That’s unfortunate, but at least you’ll also see more savings from switching to a smart thermostat! 

An Environmentally Sound Choice

Everyone can get behind energy savings, but it’s not just about our utility bills. We, as a state, can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions significantly too. Many people think these reductions couldn’t possibly make a difference, but think about it this way: according to Energy Star, the energy used in the average home creates twice as many greenhouse gases than the average car creates.

So, by cutting your energy usage with a smart thermostat, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gases just the same as when you make other small changes. Perhaps as an individual, it doesn’t seem like much, but together, the whole state of California makes a big impact. 

Want to reduce your emissions or save on your utility bill even more? Set your smart thermostat to a temperature just one or two degrees closer to the outdoor temperature. Invest in a thermostat that keeps only the room you’re in at that temperature. Plus, when you’re vacationing or just spending the weekend away from home, let your smart thermostat know, even though it’s built-in app.

All Californians can start to make a reduction today, in our utility bills and our greenhouse gas emissions.