why choose a whole house fan?Spring is the perfect time to clean up your air quality. That feeling, when you can finally throw open your windows and get some fresh air in your home, is great.

What if it could be even better, and year-round?

A whole house fan is a great choice to make your home more comfortable, cooler and refreshing. Here’s why you should consider a whole house fan installation this year.

Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs

Summer is on its way and with it will come high temperatures and hard work for your air conditioner. A whole house fan can make your home much cooler before and after you turn your air conditioner on. As a result, your air conditioner can relax a bit, extending its life and saving you on utility costs.

How can a whole house fan make your home cooler in spring and summer? Heat naturally rises to your ceiling, as is contained there, keeping your home hot. A whole house fan draws that heat into your attic, where it can slowly leave via your soffit vents. When a whole house fan is running, there is less heat for your air conditioner to content with.

If you turn on your whole house fan in spring, you can delay turning on your air conditioner. Once you do turn it on, your air conditioner will run more effectively.

They’re More Effective Than Bathroom Fans

Bathroom exhaust fans are targeted solutions for high bathroom humidity. If you have high humidity in your whole home, a whole home fan may be a better solution. It will move humidity out of your bathroom, and the other major room that generates moisture: the kitchen.

Lower humidity over the summer will help your home feel cooler, even at the same temperature. That’s because lower humidity makes it easier for our sweat to evaporate, which makes us cooler, faster. Besides, lower humidity in the summer feels refreshing and can make it easier for those with lung issues to breathe.

They’re Quieter Than You Think

Older whole home fans have a reputation for being a little loud, but the latest models focus on being quiet so that you can run it without disturbing everyone in your home. Expect a pleasant white noise sound, not a constant whirring that bothers you.

They’re Beneficial in Winter Too

Your whole house fan isn’t just beneficial in the summer. It can also be useful in the winter. All you need to do is change the direction your fan runs. Instead of pulling hot air up, it will move the hot air from your ceiling down to where you are. This will keep your home feeling warmer, even when the thermostat reads the same temperature.

Overall, a whole house fan will make your home more comfortable in any season. It’ll take a load off your air conditioner and furnace, saving you on utilities whenever they are running. With the help of an HVAC technician, you can position your fan to maximize these benefits.