air-ductSo you’re getting ready to replace your central air system with a newer, more efficient unit. You’re ready for lower electric bills and more livable temperatures in your home.

But before you make your final decision on which unit you want, there’s a very important question you may have overlooked.

Are the air ducts in your home the proper size for the unit you’re looking at?

If they’re not, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure and financial woe in the future. Most people don’t even consider if their air ducts are the proper size for the unit they want. It’s a very ‘out of sight, out of mind’ fixture in our homes.

However, if not properly sized to the installed system, improper ductwork can lead to all sorts of problems that you’ll ultimately end up having to pay for.

How Air Ducts Work

Think of your air ducts operating like your lungs.

They both need to intake and ‘exhale’ enough air through a specially formed system in order to work properly.

If any part of the system becomes disconnected, develops a leak, or has too much or too little air forced through it, then the entire system begins to malfunction. It’s not built to function without all of its parts working together.

Imagine running a marathon, but your only method of breathing was through a straw in your mouth. With such a small way to intake and exhale air, your lungs won’t be able to function properly, and you would have to stop very quickly.

That’s what it’s like for your AC system when your ducts are not the correct size. It creates a series of issues that will make your system, at best, not function at peak, and at worst, blow out the system entirely.

Problems with Improper Ductwork Sizing

What Happens when Your Air Ducts are Too Small?

Ducts that are too small for your system can lead to higher pressure buildup. If the size of the ducts isn’t big enough, they won’t be able to handle the amount of air being sent through it. This creates high pressure throughout the system, which can lead to resistance in the system motor. From there, further issues can arise.

  • Air backing up into your system
  • Extra stress on the motor
  • Ducts leaking or separating at seams
  • Wasting energy
  • Higher air pressure in house
  • Doors slamming
  • Air escaping your house through any cracks
  • Chances likely of fully breaking down

What Happens when your Air Ducts are Too Big?

Air ducts that are too big have the opposite problem with pressure. There’s too much room for the amount of air being pushed through the ducts. This leads to less pressure in the system, which leads to

  • Low to no air flow in your home
  • Little to no difference in temperature
  • Wasting energy

At the end of it all, when deciding on which central air system to use in your home, make sure get the right sized air ducts to support it. Making sure the ducts are the proper size for the unit will ensure your system operates properly and efficiently. This will save you a lot of woes and money down the line.

Of course, the best way to get the right sized air ducts for your needs is to call a dependable heating and cooling company. Our team can size round or square air ducts for your system and even custom fabricate ducts for unusual structures. Call now to get a quick bid.