air conditionerIf you notice that your air conditioner is suddenly louder than it ever has been, that’s a warning sign of trouble. Instead of ignoring the noise and hoping that it goes away, you should call in a professional to listen to the noise you’re experiencing and diagnose why the air conditioner is so loud.

There are a number of noises you can hear from your air conditioner. To complicate it further, each noise usually has at least 2 possible causes.

4 Types of Noises Your Air Conditioner Can Make

The most common noises you’ll hear from your air conditioner will fall under these four sounds:

Grinding Noises

A grinding noise coming from your air conditioner is usually caused by the fan motors. This could be caused from a worn bearing or a motor that needs lubrication. Both of these instances are things that a professional should diagnose and repair for you.

Hissing/Whistling Noises

A hissing or whistling sound could be caused from issues with your ductwork. There’s also a chance that the hissing sound, if coming from the AC unit itself, is caused by a refrigerant leak which needs an HVAC professional.

Popping Sounds

If you’re hearing popping noises when your air turns on and off, it’s because of your air ducts. Air ducts can age and become faulty or damaged if they aren’t properly maintained.

Rattling Sounds

A rattling noise that’s coming from your air conditioner could be from the exterior unit, the ductwork, or the compressor. If you hear it from the exterior unit, it’s usually because something fell into the vents such as sticks or other debris. Rattling from the ductwork could be something alive in your ducts or something as simple as loose screws or bolts. Noise from the compressor is usually because it’s failing.

When you’re wondering why is my air conditioner so loud, start by trying to determine the type of sound and the source. This can help you narrow down what’s going on so you can describe it to the HVAC professional you call.

Schedule Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance to Prevent Loud Noises

The best thing you can do when you notice your air conditioner is louder than normal is to call an HVAC professional for an inspection. Once they figure out the problem and fix it for you, go ahead and schedule regular air conditioning maintenance so you won’t ever have to deal with an unreasonably loud air conditioner again.