furnace and ac unitWhen your furnace or air conditioning system breaks down, one of the last things you want to hear is that you need to shell out some major bucks to install a new one.

It’s reasonable to suggest that you wouldn’t think of replacing the two system at the same time even when one is still working, right?

Yeah, that’s what we thought.

No one wants to deal with that expense unless they have to.

But hear us out – replacing them both at the same time can actually save you money in the long run.

Beyond the savings, there are several other reasons why you’ll want to at least consider replacing your furnace and AC together.

Since we figured you’d need some convincing, we put together this blog that tells you the reasons you should replace your furnace and AC together when one breaks down.

1. Newer systems are more efficient.

You know this already, but it’s worth stating: newer systems are more efficient than older ones. So, when your older system breaks down and you only replace the broken one, you’re left with a new one and an old one.

That means that the savings you expected to see from that new investment will be weighed down by the old system that is still expensive to run.

You wouldn’t buy a brand-new car and then install an old, inefficient engine in it would you?

2. Unmatched Systems = Major Problems

When you only replace the old, broken system, you’re basically handicapping your new system. What can happen is the old system can decrease the life of the new system, causing it to wear out sooner. In other words, you won’t get every dollar out of that expensive new investment.

As if that weren’t enough alone, it gets worse.

You know that warranty that came with your new unit?

You can forget about it.

Manufacturers aren’t required to honor the warranty when you mix their new system with an older one. That means repairs are all your responsibility, no matter what the cost or reason.

That’s a major bummer.

3. The Technology is Different

The older technology in your current unit (and the broken one) is different than technology found in newer units. The whole system is designed to work together, so when you replace only part of it, you’re mixing old and new technologies that don’t know how to work together well.

The system will usually still work, but the performance will be greatly reduced as will the efficiency. You can expect higher energy bills and more repairs with the old/new combination.

4. You’ll Save Money

If you aren’t convinced that you should replace your furnace AC together yet, we think this will push you onto our side.


Saving it, that is.

A major bonus to having a new entirely new system is that they usually don’t need to be repaired so much. You can save money in this area alone, not to mention the energy savings you’ll enjoy with a new, efficient system.

Once you take into account that you get two new systems with two new warranties (and don’t risk voiding the warranties by mixing old and new) – you’ll be way in the green.

Less repairs, most repairs covered under warranty, and lower energy bills?

Sign us up.

If you have any questions about replacing both systems at the same time or are ready to schedule your service, let us know.