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When it comes to commercial and residential furnace repair and installation services, no one is in the same league as Irish Heating and Air. For over 15 years we’ve been providing comprehensive heating repairs, installations, maintenance, and replacement services with the help of some of the best furnace technicians in the business.  We believe in supporting every furnace repair and installation job with best in class customer service, starting with accurate pricing quotes and appointments, and ending with a follow up call to make sure you’re totally satisfied with the work.

At Irish Heating and Air, we take your safety seriously – and we take our profession seriously. We don’t consider ourselves handymen or casual tinkerers, but rather fully licensed and certified HVAC contractors who hold your comfort, safety, and health in our hands with every job we undertake. We want our customers to know that all of our furnace repairmen and furnace installers have undergone extensive training and on-the-job apprenticeships in order to hone in on their craft and fine-tune their repair techniques.

Arcoaire furnace installation

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Why Call Us For Your Heating Repair & Installation Needs?

We’re Fully Certified

  • Fully licensed
  • NATE certified
  • HVAC Excellence certified
  • EPA 608 certified

We Stand Behind Our Work

  • 1 year labor guarantee
  • On-time guarantee
  • Senior and military 10% discount

We Want to Earn Customers for Life

  • Irish Heating and Air is a locally owned and operated company
  • We have provided 15 years of service with zero BBB complaints
  • We spend our dollars locally and support local business whenever possible
  • We only install high quality & high efficiency heating systems from trusted manufacturers like Mitsubishi and Trane
  • We are home comfort specialists who can help improve your indoor air quality while lowering your energy bills
  • We only hire honest and knowledgeable technicians with a customer-first mindset

So what are you waiting for? We’re confident that once you call us for your furnace replacement or furnace repair needs, you won’t want to call anyone else. Our team of professional heating and cooling experts are ready to help you pick out a new furnace or maintain your old one for years to come.

HVAC technician installs Goodman furnace in garage in California's Central Valley

“Ryyan and his crew know their stuff, hands down. They have completed 2 projects for me – both brand new installs of furnace, AC compressor and ducting. They communicate well and never fail to do what they say they are going to do. We had a small issue with the building inspector on a project and Ryyan worked with him to ensure all the problems were addressed in an extremely fast manner. Very happy with their service and I’ll always be calling them for my HVAC needs.”

Brandon F., Read more

How Does Central Heating Work?

Understanding how yourfurnace works can help you to make wiser purchasing and repair decisions, so we love to educate our customers whenever possible.

  1. The air in your home drops below a certain temperature (set by your thermostat).
  2. The temperature drop triggers your furnace to turn on.
  3. Air and fuel intermingle and are ignited within the furnace.
  4. The product of this comingling, hot gas, flows through the heat exchanger and heats the air in the furnace.
  5. Air then circulates throughout your home via the ductwork, propelled by a fan.
  6. Excess exhaust is vented safely outside the home.
  7. Your home becomes warm!

Choosing the Right Size Furnace is Vital

One of the most common mistakes when purchasing a new furnace is to choose one that doesn’t have the right output for your living or working space. Bigger is definitely not always better, and a furnace that is too powerful and meant for a larger space will end up switching off and on frequently. This means that your furnace is suffering from more wear and tear than is needed, and its longevity will suffer as a consequence. A larger heater also will require more energy to run.

A furnace that is too small isn’t much better. If your furnace does not have adequate output for your property size, it will have to run constantly to warm up your home or office, which will also result in excessive energy consumption.

Speak With Our Furnace Replacement Team First

Whenever you’re considering installing new heating equipment, make sure you speak with our Tracy furnace replacement team first. We’ll help you evaluate your options and pick the perfect heater for your needs, with zero obligation.

Comprehensive Furnace Repair

No matter what sort of residential heating system you have, our pros can cover it.

  • Gas furnaces
  • Electric furnaces
  • Forced air furnaces
  • Split system furnaces
  • Single-stage furnaces
  • Two-stage furnaces
  • Two-stage variable furnaces
  • Central heating
  • Thermostats
  • Heat pumps (including packaged heat pumps)
  • Air handlers
  • Ducts
  • Air filters
  • Burners & burner chambers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Vent pipes
  • Refrigerant
  • Evaporator coils
  • Condensing units
  • And more

We’re even equipped to handle commercial HVAC repair and installation, which means we’re prepared to handle 100% of your furnace repair needs in Tracy.

Goodman furnace installed in Tracy, California

We Can Solve Any Furnace Issue

At Irish Heating and Air, there’s no furnace problem that we can’t handle. We can maintain, repair, and replace parts of your current heater as needed, or help you choose an entirely new heating system for your home or business.

The most common furnace repair causes and solutions are:

  • Condensate drain line clogs
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Thermostat programming
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Ignition system malfunction
  • Fan belt malfunction
  • Carbon monoxide checks & repairs
  • Thermocouple inspections
  • Blower motor malfunction
  • Pilot light failure
  • Air filter replacement
  • Constricted air flow
  • Plenum leaks
  • Blown gaskets
  • Shut off valve testing
  • Temperature and pressure checks
  • Flue vent inspections

Our team is equipped to repair any style of furnace from any major manufacturer, including Trane, Goodman, Rheem, Lennox, York, Electrolux, Carrier,  Coleman, Ruud, and more.

Fixing the wiring in a gas furnace

FAQs About Our Heating Repair & Installation Services

Do you offer preventative furnace maintenance?

Yes, and we recommend that our customers make use of our preventative furnace maintenance plans to keep their furnace working better for longer.

Do you repair & install heat pumps?

Yes, we can repair your old heat pump or install a brand new one for you.

What are your preferred brands for new furnace installations?

We prefer to install Mitsubishi and Trane furnaces with 80-98.3% AFUE ratings.

Do you service commercial systems?

Absolutely. We install and maintain commercial heating and packaged HVAC systems of all types. Visit our commercial HVAC repair & installation page to learn more.

Can I fix my furnace myself?

We always recommend that you call a professional to repair your heater. Furnaces are dangerous machines that, if improperly handled, can leak toxic gases into your home. Carbon monoxide, for example, is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, but has disastrous health consequences. Call a professional furnace technician before you try fixing your furnace yourself.

Avoid Emergency Furnace with Regular Filter Changing and Duct Cleaning

The most common reason that a furnace fails is because of a failure to change the air filter. Dirty and clogged air filters reduce air flow causing problems with the air handler and the air-to-fuel mix in the burn chamber. If your air filter has been clogged for a significant period of time, your entire system will need to be cleaned to return it to optimal heating condition. We offer a regular filter change service to prevent this type of issue in the future.

Air flow issues can be caused by a clogged air filter, but they can also be caused by blockages in the ventilation system. These blockages can be fixed with a full ductwork cleaning and repair service. Problems in other areas of the furnace are generally caused by a lack of basic maintenance. Electrical connections, plenum leaks, and heat exchanger issues can all be handled by our expert furnace technicians. Call the Tracy furnace repair professionals at Irish Heating and Air today and get have a cozy home tonight!

a professional is in process of a furnace filter change

The HVAC Pros You Can Trust In The California Central Valley and Beyond!

The pros at Irish Heating and Air have been proudly serving the residents of Tracy, California and the greater Central Valley since 2005. Our team of HVAC contractors are fully trained to handle any furnace related problems on your property. We have plenty of experience identifying potential causes for your home’s heating issues and diagnosing them to find the best solution. We’ll work with you to get the best price, and once the job is completed, our pros will make sure to leave your property looking as good as new.

Our HVAC contractors in Tracy, California offer Central Valley residents furnace repairs when:

  • Their furnace won’t turn on.
  • Their furnace won’t shut off.
  • Their furnace not turning on automatically.
  • Their Heater won’t blow hot air.
  • Their air isn’t hot enough.
  • Their furnace is running but not blowing air.
  • Their heater keeps running after the thermostat turns off.
  • Their furnace is noisy.
  • Their furnace cycles constantly.
  • There is low forced air pressure.

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A poorly maintained heater will only cost you money and bring you grief, but a well-maintained furnace will make your home cozy, comfortable, and habitable during the cold winter months. If you care about your family’s comfort and safety, then you need to call Irish Heating and Air for your Tracy heating repair and furnace installation needs ASAP! We also offer free estimates on new installations, so give us a call to schedule your inspection today!

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