Are furnace humidifiers worth the money?

When winter falls, you need to heat your home to make sure that your family is comfortable. While your furnace throws a lot of warmth and heat in your house, a lot of people neglect to think about the negative side effect of dry heat on our bodies and essential home items. This article will help you understand the significance of having a furnace humidifier and how mounting one in your home can ensure everyone stays cozy and nice this winter.

What is a furnace humidifier?

Also known as whole-house humidifiers. These humidifiers connect with HVAC systems to moisten the air that is being pushed by the furnace throughout the home. These humidifiers work by holding a water reservoir and using a fresh water supply to create steam that is added to the airflow from the furnace. Low levels of humidity in your home are not only harmful to our body but also destroy our wood finishing.

The Difference between Furnace Humidifiers and Stand-Alone Humidifiers

It is important to understand the difference between Furnace Humidifiers and traditional stand-alone Humidifiers. Ideally, furnace humidifiers are mounted on the HVAC system to ensure that the air coming out of the heating system is humidified before it is distributed throughout the entire house. On the other hand, Stand-alone humidifiers sit on the floor and are plugged into a wall outlet. These humidifiers only expel the moist air from the unit vents meaning that the air around the humidifier has a lot of moisture but when you further get away from the unit, the drier the air. Therefore, if you want to humidify your home with traditional humidifiers, then you need to buy a unit for every room in the house.

The Benefits of Furnace Humidifiers.

There are numerous benefits to getting Furnace Humidifiers installed in your home. There are some great health, home comfort, and other benefits that come with moist air. The ideal moisture level is about 30%-40% humidity. If you heat your home using a heater, the dryness can lead your skin to dry, crack, nose bleeds, and have chapped lips. Moreover, dry air can trigger asthma flare-ups or sinusitis. When your house has dry air, you might see cracking furniture, peeling wallpaper, and more static electricity. Wood floors can start cracking or shrinking, causing gaps between boards.

Whole-home humidifiers mounted on the furnace are one of the best ways to ensure that you have consistent humidity in your house. Since they are installed directly into the furnace and work perfectly with an HVAC system. They will automatically keep an eye on your house’s humidity levels.

Ensuring Humidifier Success

There is a different kind of furnace humidifiers and the best one depends on the size of your home, your needs, and your budget. The key to success in your furnace humidifier lies in proper installation and proper sizing. Hiring an HVAC technician will help you and advise you on proper-sized humidifier units that will offer benefits to your home.

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