can a furnace explode?Even though the majority of furnaces these days are built to the highest safety standards, they can still explode if they’re not cared for properly. If you’re someone asking if your furnace can explode, the answer is yes, it can. to help with making sure that you’re not caught unawares, below are some of the signs that you’ll have an explosion on your hands.

You’re Smelling Fuel

Have you begun having sudden and unexplained fuel smells inside your house? It’s possible that your furnace is leaking, and this is very dangerous. When you’re smelling fuel, never try inspecting your furnace. You should instead go outside immediately and contact your furnace technician so they can come and discover what’s wrong.

Remember, even turning a switch on or opening one of your electrical appliances might cause an explosion. So, you want to avoid doing any of it.

The Carbon Monoxide Sensor’s Going Off

For your furnace to make heat, it must burn fuel. This, in turn, will release carbon monoxide. When your furnace is working properly, this odorless, deadly gas will vent harmlessly from your house. However, if the furnace is poorly maintained, it’s going to get into your house.

When the sensor’s going off, this means that your furnace is leaking. It also might be leaking this explosive gas. So you want to get out of the house and contact your gas company, your local fire department, or your HVAC professional to do an inspection and find out where the leakage is.

You’re Experiencing A lot of Heat

The reason that you turned on your furnace is that your house is cold, and you want it to be warmer. However, if there’s a lot of heat coming out of the furnace, this is something that you should worry about. First, look and make sure the furnace is correctly set.  If your settings are normal, switch off the furnace because it’s going to explode eventually. After it’s turned off, contact your professional HVAC professional and have them come and do an inspection.

Tips for Avoiding an Explosion

  • Shut Your Furnace Down During Summer – When you are in a season that doesn’t need heat, disable it so that nothing can go wrong with it while it’s not being used.
  • Have It Regularly Inspected – This is something that is going to tell you if there are any problems. Even though some people do this themselves, it’s best to have an HVAC professional do it.
  • Replace Its Air Filters – Make sure that you are replacing the air filters of your furnace. This will help it work efficiently and help avoid problems.
  • Look for Oil Leaks – Is your furnace oil-fueled? Then you want to look and make sure that there aren’t any fuel leaks. Inspect its tank for any signs of damage or leaks.

So, the short answer is that your furnace can explode. But now you know what you should look for and things that you can do to help avoid this problem. If you’re in Tracy, Modesto, Mountain House, or anywhere local to us, feel free to call for a furnace tune-up to avoid disaster.