Swamp coolerDuring the hotter days of summer, you are probably wondering whether or not there’s a more efficient way to cool your home. While traditional air conditioners do a good job, you might have heard of an alternative: evaporative coolers, aka swamp coolers. But what exactly are the pros and cons of traditional and evaporative coolers? And which one is right for you? We’re here to give you a quick breakdown and weigh in on the matter.

Traditional Coolers

Because traditional A/C units can be expensive, it’s best to know what you are purchasing before going through with it. While upfront expenses are higher, the fact that these units are so versatile is a huge plus.

  • Pros

    • Works great in any climate, regardless of humidity level
    • Reliable and stress-free operation
    • Requires only bi-annual maintenance
    • Filter system reduces allergies and cold symptoms
  • Cons

    • Expensive upfront costs (installation and price of the unit)
    • Uses more energy (although energy efficient models are available)
    • Uses chemicals that can produce harmful emissions

Evaporative Coolers

Swamp coolers are a great option for families who are on a budget. However, there are some limitations to evaporative coolers that might prevent them from being the best choice for you.

  • Pros

    • Cheaper to purchase and install
    • Cheaper to run monthly
    • Energy efficient
  • Cons

    • Requires more frequent maintenance to prevent mineral buildup
    • Must replace filters every month during constant use
    • Does not conserve water (requires 3 – 10 gallons per hour)
    • Only works in certain climates (dry heat with low humidity)
    • Noisy to operate

The Verdict

Since you cannot have both a traditional A/C and an evaporative cooler in your home (they would cancel each other out, temperature-wise), it’s time to decide which unit is the best for your needs. We recommend standard air conditioners simply because they are suitable for all climate types, they are quiet to operate, and they are reliable. The climate conditions of your home might change, and it would miserable to find out that your swamp cooler is useless on those overcast, humid days. And while the supposed benefits of swamp coolers might seem appealing, they require more maintenance, use more water, don’t work in every climate, and could end up costing you just as much or more hassle and money than a traditional A/C. Lastly, the excessive noise caused by evaporative coolers might cool your house down, but when you can’t hear the TV or your family over the noise, you’ll wish you had gone with a traditional A/C instead.

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