know your commercial air filtration optionsYour commercial air filtration options aren’t just about MERV ratings and filtration types, although you’d never know that reading many guides online. You want to be able to dig into the specific products that might be good options for you, understanding what quality of filtration they can provide for the contaminants that matter to you. In this guide, we will explore your actual options from two brands that we trust and frequently recommend to our commercial clients: AccuClean and Dust Free.

Dust Free: Media Air Cleaners

Dust Free offers two quality media air cleaners that are great for certain commercial applications. Both use the manufacturer’s proprietary carbon filters that achieve either a MERV 11 or a MERV 13 rating but pick up significantly more airborne particles that fiberglass filters you might use with other purifiers. Your model options are:

  • DF MAC 11: This filter traps 100 times more airborne particles than a fiberglass filter, with a MERV 11 filter. It is available in several sizes to fit into different forced-air systems.
  • DF MAC 13:You’ll get even better filtration with this media air cleaner, which is equipped with a MERV 13 filter, but also a proprietary version from Dust Free.

We can install either of these air filters in furnaces and central air systems that handle up to 5 tons. Even the DF MAC 13 won’t drop air pressure in the system by very much. Of course, we can install them with a filter seal that prevents air leakage and therefore provide better filtration with fewer missed particles and a more efficient purification process. This seal is just as important as the filter itself. With many home-based purification systems, a lack of a seal allows contaminants a path past the filter—keeping them in the air no matter how great the filter is.

Dust Free: Active Air Purifiers

Dust Free’s Active Air Purifiers are a three-step filter system that removes more pollutants from the air than a typical home air purifier would, making it a good option for certain commercial applications.

The Active Air Purifiers from Dust Free can remove the contaminants:

  • Cold and flu viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Cooking odors
  • Pet allergens
  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • Other unhealthy chemicals
  • Other biological growth

These filters use ion technology and, like many of Dust Free’s filters, also incorporate carbon in order to absorb more smells and chemicals that a filter meant for home-use typically cannot absorb. This makes them a great option for commercial uses such as hotels, churches, government buildings, or others where smells may discourage customers or guests. They may also be used in commercial applications where there is some concern about chemicals in manufacturing and industry settings—although the type of chemical matters a lot. We can help you asses if the Active Air Purifier can remove the chemicals that you need to remove.

AccuClean: Whole-Home Air Cleaner

Don’t be confused by the name of this air cleaner. While it can be used in homes, this filter provides incredible filtration suitable for many commercial applications. AccuClean offers very concrete guarantees for their filter. For example, it removes 99.9% of Influenza A, making it a great choice for areas where the spread of flu and other germs is a top concern, such as daycare facilities.

This filter catches particles as small as 0.1 microns, which means that it performs better than even a HEPA room filter. It catches up to 99.98 percent of allergens from the air that passes through the filter, which makes it a great choice for a business that is concerned with reducing the impact of allergens, whether it’s pet allergens or outdoor allergens.

Unlike the Dust Free options, this AccuClean air purifier comes with a reusable filter that you can vacuum clean. That makes it a more cost-effective solution than some others, so long as it will still meet your purification needs. How often you need to do this will depend on several factors that we can explain, including the number of contaminants in your air.

There are several models of this air purifier available. Each is intended for a differently sized forced-air system, and some achieve better air flows, which can help you filter more air faster.

Dust Free: PTAC Air Purification

What if removing particulates from the air isn’t enough in your commercial facility? Then you may want to consider Dust Free’s PTAC Air Purifier.This filter combines ionization, ultraviolet sanitation and environmentally friendly oxidizers to pick up debris from the air and from the surfaces in your home. Unlike many air purifiers meant for home-use, this filter can pick up VOC’s germs and odors. It also picks up more allergens, dust and dander than many home-use purifiers.

We can install this air purifier in your air conditioning system. It comes with a two-year warranty on both the core/UV lamp and the power supply, so you can be confident that it will perform. We commonly recommend this air purifier for hospitality or large residential settings. Also, this system may be a good solution for healthcare settings. However, you should seek professional advice to be sure that the specific filter you’ve chosen will meet your air purification needs.

Dust Free: MicroPure

Dust Free’s MicroPure is also an interesting option for commercial spaces. Despite its name, the MicroPure can clean a great deal of air in a large space. It doesn’t just purify the air that runs through the system, but it’s ionic technology also cleans other air and surfaces. The technology behind the filter was developed by NASA originally and picks up many contaminants that a home-based purifier doesn’t typically bother with, including VOCs, mildew, smoke, viruses and mold.

Food Processing and Lab Environments

Some commercial environments, such as those in food processing and laboratories, need more control over the contaminants in their air. We can provide great solutions for these situations but offer them on a per-job basis. We need to tailor our solutions to your specific needs, building, and budget in order to provide you with the best solution.