Lowering your A/C billIf you’re like most people in the central valley, you’re probably running your A/C system nonstop. If you’re not careful, it could quickly add up to a serious chunk of change. The good news is that there are a few easy ways to take the strain off your A/C system and lower your electric bill which don’t require big installations and long payback periods. Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Seal up your home

Sealing air leaks in your floors, windows, and attic is something that most DIY-ers can handle without a lot of help. The EPA estimates that sealing your home can save up to 14% off your heating and cooling bill (or 8% off your total home energy costs) in the central valley.

2. Clean or replace your air filters

A dirty air filter can make your A/C system a lot less effective. Cleaning or replacing a dirty filter only takes a few minutes, and it will lower your A/C system’s power needs by 5-15%.

3. Trim around your A/C unit.

A/C systems require good air flow to run at their best, and cleaning the filter alone won’t bring air flow to 100%. If you have plants or weeds growing around your condenser, trim it back. Depending on the growth, savings could be comparable to cleaning your filter.

4. Use ceiling fans

Wind chill factor goes a long ways. Instead of trying to keep your entire home cool, turn on the ceiling fans in the rooms you’re actually using. You could look forward to savings of over $400 per year.

5. Run the dishwasher at night

Your dishwasher puts out more heat than you might realize, while also raising your home’s humidity. Wait to run your dishwasher after the sun goes down so your A/C system won’t have to work double duty. The same also goes for your washer & drier.

6. Schedule a regular A/C tune-up

You might think we’re a little biased, but we wouldn’t offer A/C tune-ups if they didn’t save you money. Not only is an A/C tune up a good way to prevent major breakages and improve the life of your system – we can also make sure your system is running at its best, so it isn’t drawing unnecessary power to do its job. Set up a regular A/C tune up today and enjoy the savings.