Mitsubishi Electric ductless comfort solutionYou’ve probably heard about ductless HVAC systems by now and are wondering what the fuss is all about.

Are they really better than traditional duct-based HVAC systems?

And if so, what makes them so great?

Both are excellent questions, and by the time you finish reading this post, you’ll have a better understanding of ductless HVAC systems and why they’re great for most people.

Fully Customizable to Work the Way You Live

Perhaps the most wonderful thing about ductless HVAC systems are that they are fully customizable. Our team has been installing Mitsubishi ductless systems and we’ve heard nothing but great things from every customer.

What does it mean to be fully customizable? Instead of having one large system with vents throughout the house that’s controlled by a central thermostat, you can create heating and cooling zones in your home. A zone allows you to heat or cool that area based on your needs instead of running the system to heat or cool the entire house.

With these zones, you can turn off the system in rooms you aren’t using and save a lot of energy and money by making everything more efficient.

You also won’t have that dreaded situation where your bedroom is way too hot and uncomfortable while your living room is too cold. These hot and cold spots are eliminated with ductless HVAC systems so you’ll be able to make every room in your home a comfortable temperature.

Some systems integrate with smart home systems, like Amazon’s Alexa, to let you voice-control your zones, set a specific schedule, and more.

Energy Efficient to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Since ductless systems operate with zones and are much more efficient than traditional systems, they reduce your carbon footprint and save energy. Saving money and reducing your impact on the planet makes the system completely worth it.

Traditional systems use a refrigerant that’s known to be harmful to the ozone layer. Add this impact up over the millions of systems in the country and we’ve got a big problem. Ductless systems solve this problem by using a newer refrigerant called R410A that doesn’t harm the ozone layer at all. Additionally, you won’t lose energy from your home through the traditional ductwork because there isn’t any.

Reduced Repair Needs

Generally speaking, as long as you clean your filters, ductless systems are more reliable and need fewer repairs than traditional HVAC systems. For the Mitsubishi systems we install, you get a 12-year parts and labor warranty to take care of repair issues that may come up. The good news is these systems have an extremely low failure rate, but you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.

Tax Credits and Rebates Help You Rack Up the Savings

In addition to saving you money on your energy bills each month, ductless HVAC systems may also qualify you for credits and rebates. In some cases, you can qualify for rebates and credits at the federal and state level to help offset your investment.

Homeowners like you are moving away from the old, outdated ways of doing things, so why not go ahead and reimagine your home’s heating and cooling while you’re at it? There are many benefits to having ductless HVAC systems, and we hope that you’ve read something you liked here today. If you have further questions or are ready for more information, contact us today.