AC tune up done by MikeSummer is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to get an AC tune up before those dog-days of summer have you wishing you’d have done it sooner.

Take Care of Your AC Before You Need It

There’s nothing like a 101-degree day and a failing air conditioner to have you kicking yourself that you didn’t schedule your system’s routine maintenance. Don’t be that guy. Go ahead and schedule your tune up now, before summer comes, and you’ll be able to kick back on your couch and relax in your well-cooled home this summer.

When we come out to perform maintenance on your AC, we don’t just change your filters. We go the extra mile by cleaning all components out – even the ones that you probably didn’t even know existed!

We also take the time to check each one of your mechanical components and refrigerant to make sure that it will last you through the summer. We will perform any other additional maintenance or repairs that’s needed, to give you the peace of mind knowing that your air conditioner will work this summer.

We Get Busy Too

We know you lead a very busy life and understand that it can be hard to make time for scheduling and overseeing maintenance on your AC, especially when you aren’t even using it. Seriously, we get it. Here’s the thing though – we get busy too!

By getting ahead of the summer rush (when most air conditioners fail), you’re ensuring a spot on our schedule. This translates to a working air conditioner when you need it the most, instead of waiting on an appointment scheduled weeks after your AC breaks down in the middle of the summer.

Leave the Summer for Fun

An expensive air conditioning repair bill can definitely interrupt your summer vacation plans. Believe us when we say that scheduled maintenance goes a long way. And if there is a problem that needs repair? You’ll be able to get it taken care of now, without dipping into the summer vacation fund.

As an added bonus, you won’t be stuck in the house wishing you could have a little quiet time away from the kids who are fresh out of school. You’ll have the time and funds to enjoy a break (together or alone!)

So, while you’re enjoying the beauty and warmth of spring, remember that the sweltering summer heat is coming, and you don’t want to be without your air conditioning. Schedule you AC tune up now to make sure all systems are go this summer.