Coffee cup Tracy

We know it might be hard to pry yourself away from the cool breeze of the AC on a hot summer day, but we also know that no one wants to spend their free time cooped up at home all day. So the next time you’re burning to get out of the house but want to keep cool, pack up your computer or a good book and head to a local coffee shop for a change of pace.

Yes, Starbucks is always an option, but we suggest going to your local indie coffee shops instead. Complete with affordable prices and charming atmosphere, there’s no reason your next coffee break shouldn’t be at one of the five best independently owned coffee shops in Tracy, put together by your friends at Irish Heating and Air. Trust us – we know a thing or two about good coffee. (Oh, and you should probably buy an HVAC coffee mug just in case the baristas give discounts for bringing your own cup!)

World Coffee House (formerly known as the Roasted Bean) offers an atmosphere that is comfortable and friendly – a welcome change of pace from the stiff, quiet atmosphere typical of most Starbucks. Instead, you feel like you can have a friendly conversation, meet with a co-worker for a casual  business meeting, or even just read a book and people watch. Besides an inviting atmosphere, World Coffee House offers a variety of breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, milk teas, and fun flavored coffee drinks like the Funky Monkey – a mixture of chocolate and banana. We recommend getting your afternoon pick-me-up in the form of a Carmelo iced latte.

Address: 69 W 10th Street, Tracy, CA 95376

Hands down, Barista’s is our favorite independently owned coffee shop in Tracy. Why? Part of it is the charming atmosphere, part of it is the tasty bevs, and the other part is the cute latte art they put on every drink (check out their Yelp page for some customer photos). The only thing we don’t like about Barista’s is that they’re closed on Sundays, but we get it – everyone needs a day off. The employees are warm and obviously care about what they do, and that’s what keeps people coming through the door. So many people in fact, that you should plan on coming during off-peak hours or else budget an extra 15 minutes for standing in line. This place is poppin’ in the morning.

Address: 112 W 10th Street, Tracy, CA 95376

Are you looking for something a little…different? Bottom’s Up Espresso may not offer the best cup of coffee around town, but they do have a line worth waiting in. Bottom’s Up is one of those drive-thru coffee kiosks but with a twist – all of their baristas are bikini-clad. So if you want to have a little fun with your coffee, give this place a try. It’s technically not an independent coffee shop (they’re part of a mini chain with other locations nearby), but we think it’s a fun idea, and the coffee here isn’t bad either.

Address: 2355W Grantline Rd., Tracy, CA 95377

Don’t even say it, we know. How can a shop with a name that has nothing to do with coffee, have the best coffee in Tracy. But trust us when we say they make a damn fine cup of coffee. Whether you want your coffee black or a flavored latte, they deliver a tasty cup that rivals both the price and quality of the Bux. Oh, and don’t forget to order yourself a tasty donut on the side (we recommend their cereal donuts).

Address: 1984 W 11th Street, Tracy, CA 95376

Vita Dolce may specialize in ice cream and frozen yogurt, but they make a mean cup of coffee. Plus, it makes sense, really, to pair coffee and ice cream together. Vita Dolce makes mochas, lattes, Americanos, and plain drip coffee, and they do it well. While you’re there, you might as well try a  scoop of ice cream while you’re there. Our favorite is the Grasshopper flavor, and Ube comes in at a close second. Be warned – scoops are VERY generous.

Address: 11 E 6th Street, Tracy, CA 95376