ductless air conditioner unitIf you’ve spent some time thinking about a ductless air conditioner for your home, you’ve probably come across some information online or even from a friend that made you question if a ductless system is right for you. In many cases, myths about ductless air conditioners circulate around and leave confused homeowners who don’t know what their best option is.

We are here to bust these myths and set the record straight about ductless air conditioners once and for all.

Myth 1: Ductless Air Conditioners Are Only Right for New Construction

TRUTH: While ductless air conditioning systems are used for new construction, they work great for older homes as well. In fact, they are usually the system of choice in older homes that didn’t begin with traditional HVAC because there’s typically not enough room for ducts. Ductless systems can be installed in homes of varying age and size with and without traditional HVAC systems.

Myth 2: Ductless Mini-splits Are Bad for Indoor Air Quality

TRUTH: For some reason, people have been told that ductless air conditioners collect bacteria, germs, and dirt and then just spread it throughout the home. Ductless HVAC systems have filters that trap particles and air quality doesn’t suffer. What’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about allergens and bacteria getting trapped in the ductwork.

We install only top of the line ductless air conditioning systems, like ones from Mitsubishi Electric. These units are known for the multi-stage filtration system that removes allergens and contaminants that trigger asthma and lower the air quality.

Myth 3: Ductless Air Conditioning Creates Uneven Cooling

TRUTH: A ductless system distributes the air throughout your home. You can even have your system configured in zones so you don’t have the whole house the same temperature for optimal comfort and energy savings.

This myth probably came about because there are no ducts to distribute air throughout the home. However, a ductless system works efficiently and effectively to cool the home. We install and configure your new ductless system based on your individual home and needs so you can stay comfortable all year long.

Myth 4: Ductless Air Conditioners Are Bulky and Ugly

TRUTH: Ductless air conditioners are small and modern-looking. They can hang on the walls or even on the ceiling, so they don’t take up any important space in the home and are out of the way. Most homeowners do not have a complaint about how ductless systems look once they’re installed.

Myth 5: Ductless Air Conditioners Don’t Last Very Long

TRUTH: Ductless air conditioning can last longer than traditional systems if they are properly taken care of. The average life of a standard system is 15 years while the life span of a ductless system is 20 years or more. You want to make sure you have proper annual maintenance to give your unit the longest life.

We hope this information has been helpful and cleared up some things for you. Remember, we are here to answer your questions about ductless air conditioning systems and will handle your installation flawlessly. Contact us today.