asthma inhalerAsthma attacks are triggered by a wide range of air particulates. Which specific triggers bother you will depend on your genetics, and a doctor can help you figure this out. Once you do know which things trigger your attacks, you can use your HVAC system to help limit your exposure to many of them. You won’t just be relying on air purifiers to do this, as dehumidifiers and ductless systems can help too.

Here are the common asthma triggers you can reduce with your HVAC system.

Pet Dander

Many people who have asthma find that pet dander triggers their attacks. Understandably, many are unwilling to give their pets away unless their asthma is significantly damaging their health. Instead, they attempt to reduce the pet dander throughout their home.

One problem is that no matter how often you wash fabrics and sweep the floor, your home’s forced air system blows dander through the ducts and everywhere. If you keep your pet out of the bedroom, the system blows their dander into the room anyway along with the cold or warm air.

The solution is to stop relying on a forced air system and switch to a Mitsubishi ductless system. They can cool and heat your home without using vents, and without even being connected to one another, which limits the spread of dander.


Mold spores and mold growth may also be a trigger for your asthma. If you have a mold outbreak, you need to have it professionally cleaned. However, you’ll also need to reduce the overall level of humidity in your home to prevent the mold from coming back.

A powerful dehumidifier is the best way to do this. Not only will you reduce mold growth, but your home will feel more comfortable in the summer, even at higher temperatures, when you have low humidity.


Few people realize that cockroaches and their droppings are an asthma trigger. If you have a cockroach infestation, you will need to talk to a pest professional. However, one of the many things they will ask you to do is reduce the humidity in your home. Cockroaches are drawn to sources of water and food, and high humidity can make tiny puddles for them. A dehumidifier can help you reduce the likelihood your cockroach infestation returns.

Outdoor Air Pollution

Even opening the front door lets in some of the air pollution from outside. The specific pollutants are different depending on where you live and what’s going on around you. You may find that the following trigger your asthma:

  • Pollution from cars
  • Smoke from outdoor fire pits
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Other pollutants

A HEPA filter can significantly reduce or eliminate these pollutants from your home, along with many other non-asthma related pollutants. The result is much cleaner air for you and even those who don’t have asthma in your family.

If you’re having trouble reducing the asthma triggers in your home, your HVAC professional can help by recommending the best purifiers or dehumidifiers for you.