what should humidity be in a house with air conditioning?In most places with temperate climates, the summer brings increased humidity. Your air conditioner can cut into this humidity, but perhaps not by enough. What should humidity be in a house with air conditioning? About 30 to 40%. What does that mean for you if you live in Livermore, CA, or nearby areas? Let us talk you through how you should manage your humidity.

Summer Humidity in Livermore

Summer humidity in Livermore is typically higher than humidity should be in your home. Especially in late summer, from July through August, relative humidity in Livermore rises above 70 percent. On any given day it may be lower or higher, but that’s an average of thirty percent you need to drop your humidity for your home to be comfortable.

Air conditioners do strip some humidity from the air. In fact, some have settings which allow them to be used as just a dehumidifier. However, few will come close to reducing humidity by thirty percent. That means you may need other solutions to reduce your humidity to the 30-40% range you need it to be in (more on that below.)

Winter Humidity in Livermore

You’ll read advice online about how humidity drops too low in winter, but that usually truer for places with cold climates. In Livermore and similar areas in California, relative humidity does not drop very much over the winter. In fact, December and January may even be the peak in humidity for the year in our city specifically.

Of course, seasonal humidity levels are dependent on your specific city and its’ climate. Mountains, proximity to the ocean and overall climate impact humidity cycles. Some areas of California, like Los Angeles, will experience a drop in winter humidity, although it’s still not the same kind of drop you’d find in the northeastern United States.

The important thing is to know where your humidity levels are today so you can adjust them accordingly.

How to Lower Humidity

While air conditioners will make some dent in your humidity, they need help. The most effective way to lower humidity across your home is with a whole home dehumidifier. If that isn’t an option for you, portable humidifiers that work in large rooms can help bring you the relief that you need. You can work with an HVAC professional to choose the right dehumidifier option for you and make sure that you levels are always where they should be.

Why Lower Humidity?

In the summer, lowering humidity is important to reduce the amount of heat the air can hold and to make it easier for you to cool yourself with sweat. If there is too much moisture in the air, your sweat doesn’t evaporate well, which means it can’t cool you very well.

There are also other impacts on your home is your humidity stays high for a prolonged period of time. The wood and fabrics in your home may be damaged by exposure to humidity. Mold and fungus will also be more likely to grow in high humidity.