is it okay to run my humidifier and furnace together?Winter season is just around the corner and it is time to turn on the heat. Blowing snow, icy roads, and sub-freezing temperatures are just a few examples of how winter elements can make for a tough environment outside. Therefore, it is important to have a comfortable environment inside your house to be able to have some relief from the outdoors. Ideally, many homeowners tend to only focus on warmth and never focus on humidity. As such, their homes faces dry air which can lead to throat pain, dry skin, and respiratory problems. That is why it is important to keep healthy moisture levels in the air by utilizing a humidifier as you use your heater. Read on to learn how your humidifier and furnace work together to keep your house comfortable during the winter season.

Humidity Can Create a Healthier Environment

The main reason to increase the level of humidity in your home during winter is to prevent some health problems. These health issues that are related to dry air include nose bleeds, irritated throat and eyes, dry/cracking skin, asthma irritation, and risk of sinus infections. If you find that you are having these problems during the winter season, it is high time to call HVAC professionals to look at humidifier options.

Humidifiers Can Help You Save Money

Using a humidifier and heater can save you money. You may be doubting how running 2 heat sources can save you money. When using a humidifier, you will be able to enjoy the hotness that your heater offer at lower temperatures. If you set the temperature higher, then you will force the furnace to work hard and this could result in to use of more power. Moreover, if your furnace overworks, then you will require to call HVAC expert sooner than you may think.

Humidity Can Create a More Comfortable Environment

The amount of air moisture determines how quickly the water will evaporate. For instance, air with a low level of moisture allows water to have every time to evaporate. The evaporation process removes heat, so even though the temperature is at the right setting (72 degrees), it may feel colder.

Low Humidity Can Damage Items in Your Home

Wood materials are susceptible to moisture and you need to consider that. Wood will contract and expand based on the content of the moisture, and could have some long-term effects on the item is not well kept. For instance, if you have wooden instruments, wooden furniture, and other valuable items and be affected by low humidity and that is the reason why it is advisable to install a humidifier.

Home humidifiers automatically deliver the right amount of moisture to every room in your house. Automatic control means that you do not have to constantly monitor humidity levels or wonder whether your family or home is at risk. Constant HVAC professionals install both humidifiers and furnaces to prevent issues caused by dry air, improve your indoor air quality and transform your at-home comfort.