should I replace my air conditioner before selling my house?

Are you getting ready to put your home on the market? Or is it already on the market? Selling a home is a big task for any homeowner. You might be wondering if you should invest in new carpets, a new paint job, a new roof, and more. If there’s one thing we know about at Irish Heating and Air, it’s HVAC equipment. If you are wondering whether you should replace your air conditioner before you sell your house, then we’ve got some answers for you.

Some Things to Consider

  • Does your AC work?
  • Does your AC use older refrigerant?
  • Is there room in your budget to purchase a new AC?
  • Are you willing to adjust your selling price because of the AC?
  • Have you had your AC regularly serviced?
  • Have potential buyers walked away because of the AC?

Reasons To Replace Your AC Before Selling Your House

  1. It shows the buyer you are responsible. Being proactive towards home repairs will make your home inspection look complete by having known issues taken care of in advance.
  2. It can help you complete the sale. You’ll instill confidence in potential buyers by replacing your AC before selling your house. Why? Because if they see a list of all the improvements you’ve made (a new AC being one of them), they’ll understand that you’ve made ongoing efforts to improve your home.
  3. Energy efficiency. If you can say that you installed a new “energy-efficient air conditioner,” it will definitely be another bonus for prospective buyers. This buzzword could help you show that your home is modern and well taken care of.
  4. Keep your home modern. If your buyer finds out that your air conditioner is 20 years old, they might also start wondering what other household appliances they’ll need to replace when they move in (refrigerator, washer and dryer, water heater, etc.). If you’ve taken the effort to replace your other appliances, you might as well consider updating your AC as well, allowing you to boast that “all major appliances have been updated within the past 5 years” or something close to it.
  5. If nearby houses on the market have new AC units.If other houses in your area are boasting new air conditioners, then you might have trouble getting your home to stand out. If this is the case, then you should probably replace your air conditioner before selling your house.

Reasons Not to Replace Your AC Before Selling Your House

  1. It will cost you money. If your current air conditioner works and has been properly serviced, you might just be putting more money into your home than you’ll get out of it by replacing your air conditioner before selling your house. Even if you don’t have a top-of-the-line model, most buyers will just care that you have a working AC.
  2. You might have to do some remodeling. Some of the newer air conditioners are substantially bigger than their older counterparts. If you decide to replace your air conditioner before selling your home, you might quickly find that not only are you buying a new AC, but also paying someone to redesign your attic or garage to fit a new air conditioner.
  3. Why replace when you can repair? If your 15 year old air conditioner still works but just needs some minor repairs, then spend a little money to get those done. Don’t worry about buying an entirely new unit, though.
  4. Your buyer might not care. Often times a buyer just wants to see that there is a working air conditioner – not that it’s the most modern, most fancy model on the market. The buyer might not even ask you about the AC at all. If you’re in a market where buyers might care more about the land and the location than the structure, then replacing your air conditioner might not be a great investment. 
  5. Consider a home warranty instead. If your buyer is worried about the current air conditioner, you can always talk to your real estate agent about including a warranty on the current AC. Tell the buyer that if the old AC breaks within the first year of the purchase, your home warranty would cover the cost. Chances are that the unit won’t break, and you won’t have to pay anything.

So Should I Replace My Air Conditioner Before Selling My House?

The answer is that it really depends on what amount of money you’re willing to put into it before selling, whether you currently have a working AC, and whether or not a potential buyer is willing to overlook the age of your current AC system. Our advice? Invest in regular AC maintenance and repair and discuss with your real estate agent whether or not you should replace your AC altogether depending on which other repairs and upgrades need to be done. 

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