when is the best time of year to buy a new furnaceAre you in the market for a new furnace? Or, will you need to replace yours in the next year or so? Planning your purchase strategically can help you save money and get the best installation job. The best time of year to buy a furnace is actually fall. If that seems a little counter-intuitive to you, read on for our explanation of why you should make your furnace purchase this fall.

Get the Lowest Furnace Price

Typically, to get a lower price on something you should buy during it’s offseason. Get winter tires in spring or a new bathing suit in the winter and you’re much more likely to come across a sale. The same goes for a furnace. The price of a furnace will rise substantially in the winter, so you can save some money if you buy it ahead of time during the fall.

Although, you don’t want to buy a furnace during your HVAC technician’s other busy time of the year, late spring and early summer. They’ll be busy fixing, installing and selling air conditioners and so they aren’t as motivated to give you a lower price on your furnace.

There’s a sweet spot between late summer and early winter when your HVAC technician is the least busy, and that’s the time you’re most likely to find a steal of a deal on furnaces, air conditioners, and all of their other equipment.

Make the Most of Your Warranty

Why not buy your furnace in the spring or summer? Afterall, you don’t need it right away during the warmer months, so a quick in installation isn’t as big of a deal. That way, you avoid the rush fees you might need to pay if you were getting a new furnace in the winter and needed heat right away. That’s all true but purchasing a furnace when you won’t use it has one major downside: you can’t test it.

How will you know if the installer did a proper job, or whether there’s some kind of manufacturer defect in your furnace if you’re not going to run it right away? Of course, your HVAC technician will run it for a minute or so, but it’d quickly be uncomfortable in your home if he or she left it running.

When you install your furnace in the fall you can start running it right away. That way, you’re sure to discover any problems with your furnace well before your warranty is up and will before your HVAC technician gets busy again. Which means, if they made a mistake, they can come right back to fix it.

Save Energy This Winter

A furnace only lasts about ten years before its efficiency significantly drops. How much extra do you think you pay in utilities every winter as your old furnace struggles to keep up? Switching to a new furnace in the fall will ensure that you’re making the most of your energy and reducing your utility bill as much as possible.

Want a second opinion on how much life your furnace has left? Our heating contractors service Ripon, Manteca, Lathrop and more, so help is just around the corner.